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New York Drops its List of NYC's Top 101 Restaurants

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Six years after he dropped his original list of the top 101 New York City restaurants (in order), New York critic Adam Platt publishes an update, listing his favorite spots from Eleven Madison Park down to Fette Sau. (Those who don't want to click through the magazine's mind-numbing slideshow can see the complete list here).

Platt writes that a whole hell of a lot has changed in six years, noting that Dave Chang was just getting his start in 2006, no one was talking about Brooklyn, and fat cat bankers roamed free "lavishing their bonuses on thousand-dollar bottles of Haut-Brion." Indeed nearly a quarter of the restaurants on his original list—Thor, Fiamma, Beppe—closed and a whole slew—including Al Di La, 'inoteca, Peasant—got kicked off.

All in it's a solid and thoughtful effort, with some headscratchers (Picholine at 23, Franny's jumping from 97 to 48, Gordon Ramsay and The Four Seasons clocking in in the 50s) and some fun surprises (Seasonal above Babbo, for one).

For bonus fun, Plattypants includes his list of the top ten newcomers of 2011 (Empellon, Fedora, the Dutch) and a rundown on the five most influential restaurants of the past six years, which rightly includes restaurants from Chang, Keith McNally, Joey Campanaro, Andrew Carmellini, and Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Scroll through the list, and as always, put all quibbles, compliments, and critiques in the comments.
· The Platt 101: New York City’s Best Restaurants [NYM]

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