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Mario Batali Hit with Yet Another Worker Lawsuit

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It has not been a great couple of years for celeb chef Mario Batali and lawsuits. He's already long been embroiled in a growing class action suit brought against him by workers at a slew of his restaurants for alleged labor violations. And now TMZ reports that an ex-waiter is dragging him into a sexual harassment suit he's filing against Babbo and some of his former co-workers there.

According to the suit, Batali and his partner Joe Bastianich stood by while co-workers "smacked his buttocks on a weekly basis, repeatedly grabbed his genitals, and made crude sexual comments." The suit claims that the owners' inaction "condoned the campaign of humiliation." Though Batali and Bastianich are called out in the suit, in which the waiter is seeking unspecified damages, they are not named as co-defendants.
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