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Are Changes Already Coming to Pillar & Plough?

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Word on the street is King & Grove, the operators of Surf Lodge and Ruschmeyer's aren't just expanding to L.A. and Miami. A source reveals that they took over the managing contract for the just opened Hotel Williamsburg from Graves Hospitality last week and just announced to the hotel staff that they will make gradual changes while keeping the place running.

Details regarding the restaurant Pillar & Plough are a little murkier, and rumor has it they plan on replacing the food concept completely, "possibly removing the name and having it be kind of generic hotel dining until they have something solid for relaunch," as one tipster puts it. Of course, this is all speculation. Reps from Pillar & Plough contend that Graves is still in charge and we await a response from King & Grove.
Update: A rep from King & Grove says they are still in the process of finalizing plans for the team and concept but they will fill everyone in once the details are worked out.
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Pillar & Plough

160 North 12th St., Brooklyn, NY

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