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Staten Island Bar Patrons Love Lobster Arcade Game

The Daily News learns that a new sports bar in Staten Island has a popular arcade game that uses live lobsters. The "Lobster Zone" attraction at The Dugout Pub South is exactly like one of those machines where you try and grab a stuffed animal with a mechanical claw, but here the prize is a delicious living crustacean for you to eat. Says one bar patron, "You throw in $4 or $6, and you can win a lobster...And they cook it the way you want it.”

Not surprisingly, PETA calls these games "lobster-torture machines," but the owner of The Dougout Pub South doesn't think it's a big deal because the tanks are filled with temperature-controlled saltwater just like you'd find at many other seafood places. The manufacturer of the game explains the appeal: "When guys go into a sports bar... they will never be in the NFL, they’ll never be a pro golfer or any kind of professional athlete...But they can be a fisherman by catching that lobster."
· Staten Island Sports Bar Scores with a Controversial arcade Game [NYDN]

The Dugout Pub South

4029 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island

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