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Kenmare Lounge Closes For Good, New Concept Planned

Not a shock, but two months after the restaurant called it quits, Kenmare the club is also officially closed. The club's management tacked a note to the door with the news, saying that its scaled back food service was not enough to satisfy the community so they would be shutting down entirely so as not to put the space's liquor license at risk. Kenmare owner Nur Khan tells Eater that they have "got a great concept we are in discussions about now" for the dining portion and notes they decided it wasn't worth it to put the new operation at risk just to make some extra cash running the lounge. However, Khan insists that "the spot is not over" but "it just has to be this way for now." Expect some news on the new concept early next year.

The note on the door:

We would like to thank all of our loyal Kenmare customers. As most of you know we are in the process of changing our dining concept; although we scaled down the menu while we are in the process of putting the new restaurant concept in place. We have been informed that our current menu is not extensive enough for us to operate the way we currently are. Although we have been serving food we have been advised not to operate until our new dining concept and full menu are in place. We are working diligently to finalize our new project. We look forward to seeing all of your familiar faces again when the new project is complete.

Warmest regards and Happy Holiday wishes from the KENMARE TEAM.

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