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Sunburnt Cow Shut By NYPD After Drug Bust

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The Australian themed restaurant and bar the Sunburnt Cow has been shut down by the NYPD for "Criminal Sale and Possession of Controlled Substances," which in layman's terms means that someone was probably selling drugs on the premises. The note was taped to the bar's windows and obviously puts the future of the operation in jeopardy, as according to EV Grieve, several NYPD officers swooped in on the place last night and one remarked that they definitely won't be open this weekend. You can still visit one of MooLife's three other locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Here's the restaurant's statement:

On Thursday, December 15th, The Sunburnt Cow was closed due to suspected illegal drug activity taking place on the premises. This activity comes as a shock to the entire Moo Life Group family and is not something that we endorse, condone or had prior knowledge of. We are currently working with the New York City Police Department to ensure that justice is served so we can get back to serving the public very soon. The health and safety of our patrons is a priority to us and we will do everything we can in order to make sure that our establishments support that mission.

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Sunburnt Cow

137 Avenue C, New York, NY

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