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The Early Word on Alex Stratta's Bigoli

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On December 5, Alex Stratta opened his first New York City restaurant, Bigoli, where he will act as co-owner and executive chef. Previously his namesake restaurant in Las Vegas, Alex, won him a quite a reputation and a few Michelin stars, getting the locals excited. What the locals aren't so excited about: the look of that dining room.

Can the good food and service make up for the design? Let's see.

The Okay News: only Yelp review: The seppia (similar to calamari) was crispy as advertised and tasty. Could've used more, but it was split among 3 of us so it was enough w/ being too much. The burrata needed more flavor and was a little colder than I like so it wasn't as creamy and soft as it should be. Braised veal agnolotti. Who knows how it is? While it's what I ordered, what I was served was the braised Tuscan veal w/ swiss chard. And since I wasn't paying attention, I didn't notice until after I had already started eating (Hey, there's no ravioli under these hunks of meat!). Oh well, I'd been eyeing that too so rather than send it back, I kept eating. Tender, flavorful, tasty and served w/ a reduction that was a little too salty. The chickpeas and swiss chard wasn't enough to cut the salt and richness." [Yelp]

The Great News: Per an Eater commenter: "truth be told-my wife & i ate there tuesday nite--it was awesome & stratta was not in the house--michael white has nothing over bigoli.
re: the space--there are many 3 star restaurants that are worse. bar area needs some life. * renoir was one of the 3 best vegas had to offer--right up there with NAPA etc." [Eater Comments]

The Average News: Says another commenter in response: "We you must have been there the same time I was and, though I dont know what you ordered, mine was at best average. Makes me feel slightly better that Stratta wasn't there but why wasn't he? I think the restaurant was only opened on Monday, did he have something better to do? Or could he not stand the interior after one day?" [Eater Comments]

The Possible Shill: One commenter on Time Out New York seems a bit too over enthusiastic:"I loved everything about Bigoli NYC.....from the incredible food, impeccable service, and the amazing decor.....dining here was a culinary event, that I can't wait to repeat & share with family & friends." [Time Out New York]

The Fairly Good News: A Chowhound commenter wrote: "Some hits, some things need fine tuning. Hits: The included pesto and parmesan served w/ the bread, the seppia, the black bass and the chocolate hazelnut mousse. It's all good and I wouldn't change a thing. Needs fine tuning: The braised Tuscan veal, pappardelle and pistacchio cake. The veal is fine, tender and flavorful, but the reduction is a little salty and the included chard isn't enough to cut the richness. The pappardelle could use more flavor. Even though I tried it, it still managed to not leave much of an impression in my memory. The pistacchio cake would go great w/ coffee had I ordered some. Needs more pistacchio flavor. The sorbetto served w/ it is good though. Service: Attentive without hovering. Glasses filled, drinks refreshed, courses served at well paced intervals, etc." [Chowhound]

-Alexis deBoschnek

Bigoli Ristorante & Bar

140 W 13th Street, New York, NY 10011 212 647 1001


140 West 13th St., New York, NY

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