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Best of 2011

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2011_12_2011best.jpg'Tis the season for end of year roundups and today both Bloomberg's Ryan Sutton and the dining staff at Time Out New York file their thoughts on best restaurants of the year. Sutton calls out Tertulia, Kin Shop, Roberta's, Empellon, Ai Fiori and more, and TONY digs St. Anselm, The Dutch, Robataya NY, and Isa. [Bloomberg; TONY]


348 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 Visit Website


359 6th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10014 (646) 559-9909 Visit Website

The Dutch

131 Sullivan Street, Manhattan, NY 10012 Visit Website

Ai Fiori

400 5th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10018 (212) 613-8660 Visit Website

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