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Milk Street Cafe Succumbs to Wall Street Barricades

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As the owner feared and promised it would, Milk Street Cafe will close tomorrow at 40 Wall Street after months of contending with the Occupy Wall Street barricades. The Financial District newcomer opened at the end of the summer in a whopping 23,000 square foot spot hoping to attract the area's sizable lunch crowds. Owner Marc Epstein says that sales plummeted as soon as barricades were erected for the Occupy Wall Street protests, cutting the eatery off from a great deal of foot traffic. Even after the majority of protestors left Zucotti Park, even after he pressed the city (and the press) for help, the barricades remained. When the restaurant closes, he will lay off his remaining 70 workers. He started with 91.

Epstein, who runs a business in Boston, tells the Daily News he will never open a restaurant in New York again. Though perhaps a 23,000 square foot kosher food hall on Wall Street wasn't the safest start.
· Milk Street Cafe, FiDi eatery that lost business due to Occupy Wall Street barricades, to close for good [NYDN]
· Milk Street Cafe Closing Thursday After Struggle with NYPD Barricades [DNA Info]
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Milk Street Cafe

40 Wall St., New York, NY

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