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Isa's Response to Eric Asimov's One Star Review (With Update!)

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(See update below) Back in November, interim Times critic Eric Asimov awarded one star to Isa, Taavo Somer's popular and rustic new Williamsburg restaurant. Titled "The Allure of the Odd," the review calls the restaurant and/or its food peculiar, idiosyncratic, and quirky, but overall one gets the sense that he truly enjoyed the cooking.

But, perhaps given the star rating, the people at Isa think that Asimov just didn't get the place. Hence the above decoupaged menus, tweeted by @1Grl2wneGlasses and @IsaNYC, with "hard to understand" calamari, "baffling" duck breast, and "confounding" cod.

Update: We have a correction to make. The menus were not in response to Asimov's one star, but to his takedown of Brooklyn dining as an excuse to write about Monkey Bar, which actually makes a lot more sense! In his Monkey Bar review, Asimov wrote, "The guys in beards and knit hats have their place, as do the tattooed servers, the avant-garde wines and turn-of-the-last-century cocktailians, and all the rest. I love all that, of course. But occasionally I have guests with more uptown tastes."
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