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Jim Lahey Expands Empire, Infects Self with Bugs

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New York offers a package on bread this week, which includes a slideshow of the best local loaves, a list of the 12 best new breads, a timeline of bread in New York, notes for identifying good bread, and the highlight of the spread, profile of Sullivan Street Bakery's Jim Lahey. In it, Lahey reveals he's going to add 50 seats, a beer and wine program, and bread making classes at his Sullivan Street Bakery on 47th Street, complains that Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin and Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park "buy the most horrific bread in the world," and says this, of customers who demand chicken breast on top of their pizza at his airport kiosk Crust, "Even if that diabetic obese bitch decides to storm out. You want your fuckin’ chicken breast, bitch? Here it is on a plate." The most spectacular of all is this tidbit:

To address his own wheat sensitivity, among other ailments, Lahey recently infected himself with hookworm, placing mail-order larvae on his skin under a bandage and waiting for them to burrow into his body and modify his immune system. "Twelve weeks from now, if everything goes well, they’ll be in my lungs and I’ll have a bad cough, but instead of spitting out the worms, I have to swallow them."
That's if everything goes well.
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Sullivan Street Bakery

533 West 47th St., New York, NY

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