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Le Baron New York Is Finally Ready To Open

Le Baron owner Andre Saraiva tells T Magazine that the New York outpost of his nightclub will actually, finally, really be opening very soon after long delays, saying that "the club is ready, but we’ve been waiting for some paperwork." The paperwork he is referring to is the club's liquor license, which is still pending with the SLA. As for what you can expect when Le Baron does open, Andre says "it’s a surprise, of course. But it will be filled with all the downtown kids, all my friends. I hope you all will love it." This probably means that if you aren't a downtown kid you won't love it, but no biggie. As for when exactly it will open, Andre recently told Art Info that he wanted to open it over the holidays as a Christmas present to himself.
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Le Baron

32 Mulberry St, New York, NY