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The Door Report: The 5 Hardest Doors In New York City

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Welcome back to The Door Report, the Eater feature that will give you the skinny on the toughest doors in New York City. It's been a while, so don't be alarmed if you see some surprises in the list. If you have a suggestion for the Door Report, please drop them in the comments or let us know.


1. THE ELECTRIC ROOM: It's tiny, it's new, and it's run by a group of nightlife veterans with a premiere pedigree, helping put this new lounge buried deep beneath the Dream Downtown at the top of the list. The Electric Room has proven itself to be most popular from 1 to 4 AM, and even a bit later if Axl Rose shows up and wants to party. But a plethora of press for the relatively new Room means that it may not hold on to its top spot for too long.
Who you need to know: Nur Khan, Angelo Bianchi, Noah Tepperberg
Civilian Chance of Entry: 0%
355 West 16th Street

2. PROVOCATEUR: Still holding on to the second spot is Mike Satsky and Brian Gefter's Gansevoort Hotel hot spot. While Satsky will probably cry over his cornflakes that the club isn't number one, the club still manages to keep its door policies tight and continues to book top flight DJs to keep its Euro-centric crowd happy and shelling out cash for bottles. The team has also managed to branch out to the most civilian friendly Gansevoort Park and Winston's Champagne Bar without damaging their brand, never an easy task.
Who you need to know: Mike Satsky, Brian Gefter, Sheena Tesora
Civilian Chance of Entry: 4%
18 9th Avenue

3. RED EGG: Simonez Wolf and Travis Bass continue to strike it hot at Red Egg, the follow up to their popular pop up Madame Wong's. The transfer from Chinatown to Western Soho hasn't slowed things down, and the Red Egg parties continue to attract a great crowd on the few nights it's open every week. But Red Egg's red hot popularity has attracted attention up and down the east coast, including Simonez becoming a guest speaker at Yale, meaning that its place on the list is fragile.
Who you need to know: Simonez Wolf, Travis Bass
Civilian Chance of Entry: 9%
202 Centre Street

4. THE BOOM BOOM ROOM: The Boom all the way at number 4? Say it ain't so. Unfortunately, it is. Not that the door policy has gotten much easier, but the place just isn't as popular anymore. New competition from PH-D and changing tastes have dug into the Boom's place on top, so it just doesn't deserve the top spot any longer. It is still the place that companies want to hold high profile nightlife events though, so at least it's got that going for it.
Who you need to know: Andre Balazs, Kamil Parchomienko
Civilian Chance of Entry: 14%
848 Washington Street

5. PH-D: The Dream Downtown's other venue rounds out the list, marking the new rooftop dance spot's first appearance. PH-D is the Strategic Tao group's newest venue in New York and has captured the hearts and minds of the company's hoi polloi clientele. While Joe Sixpack doesn't have much chance to walk up to the elevator and get in, it is always possible to get in by throwing down your credit card and agreeing to purchase a bottle or three. While the club is hot now, it may get bumped out when Noah and Jason decide to open their 98th New York club next year.
Who you need to know: Noah Tepperberg, Jason Strauss, Wass Stevens
Civilian Chance of Entry: 18%
355 West 16th Street

TRACKING LIST: Westway, Le Baron, Catch
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The Electric Room

335 W. 16th St., New York, NY

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