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Alex Stupak Takes a Day Off at Tortilleria Los Hermanos

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New York City is home to a lot of restaurants, and among them are hidden gems the majority of New Yorkers just aren't unearthing. To help guide us to these potential discoveries, we've enlisted some of our city's many food luminaries to share with us their under the radar recommendations for Dining Confidential.

2011_11_tortelleria.jpgEmpellon owner and chef Alex Stupak doesn't tire of Mexican cuisine. When he's not at work, he'll trek out to Bushwick to dine at the endearing and delicious Tortilleria Taqueria Tres Hermanos. Here's why:

"This is the environment you want to eat antojitos in.

Its a tortilla factory with a tiny kitchen attached to it. Places like this have a charm that you can't replicate in a restaurant. Here's how you eat here: Walk in and look at the menu on the counter. Decide what you want and write it down (along with your name) on a pad of paper they have next to the menus. Pull up a chair to the card table you're going to eat at. Get up and open their fridge yourself and grab a soda as well as the communal red and green salsas and pickled chiles that come in a circa 1977 corningware casserole dish. Sit back down and wait patiently for your order to be called. There will be a cat there who likes to be pet, children playing, workers in denim jackets and flowery dresses boxing up tortillas in their garage and hipsters asking you if they can borrow the green salsa you had the foresight to procure."

"This place makes tacos, tortas, quesadillas, picadas (which are similar to sopes in shape but ten times the size) and a few other things all of which come with the same choice of meats....chorizo, carne enchilada, carnitas, chicken, cecina and bistec. Everything is good but I particularly like the carne enchilada and cecina. I always get a torta with the cecina, a picada topped with chicken and chorizo all burried under shredded lettuce with cream and cheese, and tacos with the red chile pork. I never finish intentionally and take the torta home. I prefer to go during the afternoon on my day off when it's on the quieter side."

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Tortilleria Taqueria Tres Hermanos

271 Starr St., Brooklyn,

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