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Armin Amiri Out At Mondrian Soho's Mister H

So much for Armin Amiri's third act. Following the news that celebrity chef Sam Talbot left his post running the Mondrian Soho's restaurant Imperial No. 9, Eater has learned that the former Bungalow 8 and Socialista maven is no longer running Mister H, the hotel's lounge. Armin had taken a hiatus from nightlife to try and make it big as an actor before resurfacing at Mister H, which he fashioned after a secretive lounge that would be Humphrey Bogart's bar of choice for an after work drink. But after a hot start during Fashion Week last February, the club's popularity fell off a cliff and Armin got axed.

Morgans Hotel Group CEO Michael Gross issued a statement to Eater, saying that the "Mondrian SoHo and Armin Amiri and have decided to part ways with respect to their lounge Mister H. We're excited about the continued success of Mondrian SoHo and Mister H, and we wish Armin all the best in his new ventures."

A Morgans rep also softly shoots down the rumors about the Light Group being brought in to run the hotel's food and beverage program, saying "there are no confirmed plans for Mondrian SoHo to partner with the Light Group in developing new nightlife or food and beverage programming at this time." But what we are hearing from tipsters is that Morgans and the Light folks are in talks to partner across all of the Morgans properties, outsourcing everything to the Vegas folks.

What's next for Mister H? They have decided to launch Hung Out, a very non-exclusive new weekday happy hour program that will hope to lure more people and hotel guests into the space. But will they now try to find a new operator to come in and try and revive the space, or just let it go on like the other Morgans lounges throughout the city? Why not give Simonez and Travis Bass a call and let them bring their Madame Wong party from Red Egg into the space? Or us. Whichever.
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Mister H

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