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Word of Batali Boycott Goes Viral Among Traders

New sources tell Eater that the Mario Batali boycott isn't just comprised of a few rogue derivatives traders. This thing has gone widespread. Some background: at a panel yesterday celeb chef Mario Batali made a comment comparing Wall Street bankers to Stalin and Hitler. When word spread, bankers were notably upset, heading to the Twitter to express their intention to cancel reservations at his stable of restaurants and to the comments to complain how "this piece of garbage doesnt realize how much Wall St supports his business." One financial institution is said to have sent a memo saying receipts from Babbo et al would not be reimbursed.

Now, a source said the following message went around trading floors worldwide at 3:13 PM and "went viral" as traders passed it along their speed dial lists:

Celebrity Chef Mario Batali Says Bankers As Bad As Hitler, Stalin ... a list of his restaurants *B&B Ristorante *Osteria Mozza *Babbo *OTTO *Bar Jamon *Pizzeria Mozza *Carnevino Italian Steakhouse *Tarry Lodge *Casa Mono *Tarry Market *Del Posto *Mozza2Go *Esca *Manzo *Lupa Cancel all reservations.....pass the word.

Meanwhile, the comment threads on Batali's Bloomberg terminal restaurant pages (an eGullet for the monied class) are swelling with over one hundred new posts on Babbo and Del Posto alone. Batali implies he was misquoted but Forbes has posted the audio to refute that.

Of course, this will probably all blow over by Friday. Lord knows it hasn't gotten any easier to get a Babbo reservation this afternoon.

Update: Batali tweets this apology:

· Celebrity Chef Mario Batali Says Bankers As Bad As Hitler, Stalin [Forbes]
· Bankers Threaten Batali Boycott After Hitler Remarks [~ENY~]
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