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Red Hook Strip Club Fooled Them With Burlesque Promises

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Remember when would be club owner David Ruggiero managed to wow the Red Hook Community Board when he vowed his Paris Burlesque Club would be a classy burlesque joint and absolutely not a strip club like the neighbors feared? Surprise surprise, but the old Paris actually is a strip club after all! Neighbors accuse Ruggiero of renegging on all of his promises and operating a shadow strip club complete with stripper poles, lap dances, thumping hip hop and soft-core porn on screen. A club bouncer told the Brooklyn Paper that there actually were a few burlesque shows when the place opened which served to distract the community but after that opening flurry, Ruggiero quickly installed the stripper poles and brought in a slew of foreign girls to work the pole. The only problem with this bait and switch is that Ruggiero has yet to secure a cabaret license to operate the club, which means that the lap and pole dances aren't technically allowed.
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Paris Burlesque Club

18 Commerce St., Brooklyn, NY 11231

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