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Coney Island Bar Beer Island Scraps Itself

Beer Island was not one of the lucky Coney Island boardwalk businesses that were given new leases by the amusement park operators and landlord Zamperla USA. So as the lease for their final season came to a close, Beer Island co-owner Anthony Berlingieri let people come and pick over the bar for scrap material. Berlingieri tells Coney blog Amusing the Zillion that he "told people, take whatever you want. The last thing I wanted to see was [Zamperla] use that bar that I built with my own hands." The Beer Island folks say they offered to build whatever improvements that the landlord wanted and split the gross revenue 50-50, and accuse the amusement operators of scheming to take their idea to sell beer at Coney Island and copy it. The bar's owners are not sure what is next for them, because as Berlingieri explains, "it’s not like there’s twenty amusement parks to move to."
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Beer Island

1213 Boardwalk West, Brooklyn, NY

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