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Endangered 30 Year-Old Caffe Vivaldi Launches Petition

Vanishing New York shares the sad news that 30 year-old Village institution and live music hub Caffe Vivaldi is in danger of closing as new landlord Steve Croman just tripled the rent. Friends of the restaurant have launched a petition in the hopes that widespread public support will convince Croman to change his mind. They write:

Caffe Vivaldi is a cultural institution. We want your support and patronage to continue doing what we have been doing for the past 28 years; that is, providing a haven for young artists, writers, and musicians so they can continue to contribute to New York’s vibrant cultural life. Only you can help us continue our mission by granting us a lease that reflects the actual current market rent structure.
They add that "All we are asking is that he charge us the fair market rent." Chances are 3,000 signatures is not going to sway the landlord—in fact the space is already on the market for almost $20,000 a month—but hey, public support did something for St. Marks Bookshop.
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Caffe Vivaldi

32 Jones St., New York, NY