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Anonymous NY Nightlife Twitter Account Exposed

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Nightlife folks have enjoyed the anonymous NY Nightlife Twitter account that has been a source of links and sporadic industry gossip for the past year or so. The account's owner loved bragging that nightlife folks constantly asked them if they could guess @NYNightlife's identity and reveled in the following that the account garnered. But all of that seems to be over now, as the Daily News unceremoniously unmasked the mysterious Tweeter as Matt Oliver, the current doorman at SL and a veteran of other doorman jobs around the city. Why does this all seem so very familiar?

So who spilled the beans? It's still uncertain, although it seems that the recent decision to raffle off tickets to a recent Charity Water party at Riff Raff's was enough to spur someone to pull the trigger on blowing up his spot. In the grand scheme of things, none of this will really matter since the account was less a news sources than a stream of links from around the interweb. For his part, Oliver has denied the report to his associates, and we've asked Matt for his comment but have not yet heard back.
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UPDATE: Matt Oliver reaches out to tell Eater, "that anonymous twitter account isn't me, despite what the Daily News says. Sorry!"

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