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Fatty 'Cue Brooklyn to Launch Large Format Feasts

The trend that began at spots like Resto (whole animal feasts) and Momofuku (bo ssam, fried chicken dinner, beef 7 ways) spreads out to Brooklyn soon as the original Fatty 'Cue in Williamsburg launches large format dinners for groups of up to 16 sometime next month. The dinners will take place in the restaurant's back room, must be reserved 72 hours in advance, and cost around $65 - 85 a head before tax and gratuity. Here's what's on offer:

· Amuse Bouche
·1dz East or West Coast Oysters | smoked horseradish & meyer lemon
·Chilies & Cheese | fresh house made cheese, salted chilies, soft rolls
· Market Salad | kale, creamy green peppercorn & cincalok dressing
· Choice of Two Meats: Heritage Pork Ribs, Brandt Beef Brisket, or Smoked Mosner Lamb Shoulder
· Curried Black Eyed Peas | yellow curry, burnt ends, cilantro
· Crushed Fingerling Potatoes | bone broth, three peppercorn butter
·A Selection of Pie from "First Prize Pies"
As experts have noted, large format dinners seem to be a win for the diners (if they like the theatrics of dinner and enjoy feeling VIP) and for the restaurants (which can often cut down on all kinds of costs). Fatty 'Cue, by the way, is serving regular diners in the bar for the time being.
Update: The feasts will be bookable starting this Friday.
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Fatty 'Cue

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