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Ludlow Manor's Luc Carl Espouses Nightlife Wisdom

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Author, taco expert, and all around bon vivant Luc Carl granted some time to the Wall Street Journal to discuss his various credos and the opening of Ludlow Manor, the multi-story restaurant and club that he runs with partner Georgie Seville. Here are some nuggets of Luc Carl wisdom that you should probably write down for future reference.

· On who he wants at Ludlow Manor: "I want sexy people here."
· On what is and isn't sexy: "I don't mean someone whose daddy was an actor and whose mom was a model. I mean someone with missing teeth who just spent four hours on their hair. I want them to come to the door and see Nico, my door guy, and not have to even say anything. He'll just open it up."
· But what if you have teeth? "I mean, we'll let everyone in as long as you're not a jerk."
· On partying at hotels: "I've been to one party at a hotel and I hated it"
· On his love of pop music: "my knowledge of pop music is contained in a 12-minute cab ride."
Does he love people who spend a lot of time on their hair or what? Don't you feel smarter now?
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Ludlow Manor

95 Delancey St., New York, NY

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