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Yale Offers College Credits For Nightlife Course

Yale University is offering its prestigious students a course about New York nightlife. For credit. The course, titled "Dance Music and Nightlife Culture in New York City" is being offered in Yale's American Studies Program and is taught by Madison Moore, who created a syllabus that covers topics such as the birth of mega clubs like Studio 54 and strategies to get past the velvet rope. Moore's course has featured guest lecturers like Simonez Wolf, the French club maestro behind the Madame Wong and Red Egg parties who can barely speak English, and even included a class trip to the Boom Boom Room and Le Bain at the Standard so students could get a first hand look at what a nightclub looks like. What a country! There hasn't been such an easy A since that class on the Grateful Dead at UMass.

Students that successfully complete the undergraduate course should be offered a chance to pursue graduate studies in New York nightlife. Possible lecture ideas are:

· Successful Hangover Cures in Post War America 1945 - present
· How to Avoid Getting Stuck With The Bill for Bottle Service
· Statistical Analysis: Chances of picking up your club waitress
· The Art of the Upcharge
· Achieving Nightlife Success In A Jersey Shore Economy
· Yale Meets The Velvet Rope [Page Six]
· Nightlife Coverage [~ENY~]