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Fans Rally and Rivals Snipe as Di Fara Faces Down DOH

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Yesterday word spread that the Dept. of Health closed famed Midwood pizzeria Di Fara last Wednesday after citing them for 67 violation points. In Day Two of DiFaraPizzaGate Eater commenters are debating whether or not pizza godfather Dom DeMarco should have to wear a hair net, friends and fans are (for the most part) posting their condolences on the pizzeria's Facebook page or expressing their outrage on Twitter, and the Di Fara team is busy wading through piles of paperwork in an attempt to reopen tomorrow morning (and close again for Thanksgiving). What are Di Fara's rival pizza clans doing? Gloating. To the Daily News. Here's a quote from Gino Dedonato of Benny’s Pizzeria that ran in the paper last night, "He’s filthy, disgustingly filthy. He doesn’t clean...and his pizza is not worth the money." Classy. In defense, a Di Fara fan responds by calling Dedonato "garbage" on Facebook.

If all goes well, the pizzeria will be back open tomorrow.
· New York's 'best' pizza joint Di Fara shut for 67 health violations [NYDN]
· DOH Shutters Di Fara After Tallying 67 Violation Points [~ENY~]

Di Fara Pizza

1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY 11230 (718) 258-1367 Visit Website

Di Fara

1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY

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