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Australia to Bring Meat Pies with Faces to New York

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Popular Midwestern burger chain Steak 'n' Shake isn't the only new import coming to the same block as the Ed Sullivan Theater. Big Australian meat pie chain Pie Face plans on opening their first U.S. bakery and cafe on the block in mid-December. Their cafe will sell soups and wraps but will specialize in handheld pot pies, described by a rep as "a delicious, rich kind of thick stew encased in a buttery pastry." But here's the hook, each pie "will feature a different playful facial expressions encrusted on its pastry." Pie Face.

The chain, which also promises a serious coffee program, hopes this opening will mark the beginning of a major United States roll out. Tuck Shop better watch out.

They plan on opening by December 15. Download a PDF of the menu here.
· Aussie 'Pie Face' Opening First U.S. Bakery Beside Ed Sullivan Theater
Pie Face [Official Site]
[Photo via DNA Info and J and J Eat]

Pie Face

53rd and Broadway, New York, NY

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