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Michael Psilakis to Star in Survivor-esque Cooking Show

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Big name chef Michael Psilakis, he of Fishtag and Kefi, is set to star in a new food-themed competition show on BBC America called No Kitchen Required. In what must be a first for celebrity chef television, Psilakis and his competitors will be dropped out of a helicopter into strange, wild lands, where they'll be forced to hunt for food and then prepare it, like some sort of real-life versions of Crocodile Dundee or Rambo. From the press release:

In a new location every episode, each chef is free to choose whatever indigenous ingredients he wants – the catch is that each must acquire and prepare the ingredients in the same manner as the locals. Whether it’s hunting wild boar or diving for oysters, this series is about getting your hands dirty, pushing boundaries and experiencing incredible situations the audience would never expect to encounter in a typical food show

The other stars of the show are two real no-names: Madison Cowan and Kayne Raymond. What's strange here is not that he's doing a TV show, but that he signed on for such an adrenaline-charged, high-octane project, especially when he probably could have just landed a cushy gig on Next Iron Chef or Chopped.

Maybe he'll get lucky and they'll drop him on Long Island.
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