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DOH: We Did Not Ban Sardi's From Serving Bar Cheese

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Last week, in news that shook the very foundations of the Theater District, the Times reported that classic old timer Sardi's stopped serving communal cheese pots and other shareable bar snacks at the bar following a pretty severe Dept. of Health inspection. Now Sardi's serves cheese straight from the fridge in individual portions alongside crackers wrapped in plastic. And it's sad.

But representatives at the DOH would like the bar-going public to know that the cheese played no role in their inspection nor did they order the bar to make any changes to their snack program. In fact, they write that "Cheese, including communal servings, is allowed to be served at room temperature as long as it is not kept out beyond four hours, per the Health Code." Perhaps the Sardi's staff just didn't want to take any chances.

Let the record show these are the actual Sardi's violations: 1. Spaghetti and cheese ravioli not held to temperature (at or below 41 degrees F) 2. Bare hand assembly of ready-to-eat food (salad). 3. Contaminated ice. 4. Dry food stored improperly (pasta not stored in proper container) 5. Improper storage of food tongs (touching floor when oven door opens) 7. Improper ice handling.

Anyone who wants to read the full report can download the report here.
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