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Inside East 1st Street's Prima Strada, Opening Today

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The team behind Avenue C's excellent cocktail spot Summit Bar have gutted Thai spot The Elephant to create Prima Strada, a new all day affair that opens today on East 1st Street. During the day they sell coffee from 9th Street Espresso and at night they serve a seafood-heavy menu from chefs Mathieu Palombino (of Motorino and the upcoming Bowery Diner) and David Malbequi (BLT), who signed on for the next couple of months when they learned the owners lost their chef. They offer a menu of straightforward appetizers (sardines, roasted beet salad, crab cakes, grilled octopus), a hearty burger, and a handful of fish dishes served with mix and match sides and sauces. For dessert, do not miss their perfectly executed mille-feuille, and of course make sure to check out cocktail maven Greg Seider's classic and newfangled cocktails.

As always, send all early word to the tipline.

Prima Strada
58 East 1st Street