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DOH Killjoys Destroy Bar Food Traditions at Sardi's

Oh the humanity! The goons from the Department of Health paid a visit to iconic Theater District bar and restaurant Sardi's recently and informed the owners that they could no longer leave out communal cheese spread and crackers on the bar. Other bar snacks like peanuts and chips also got the ax. And it just keeps getting worse:

Anyone who wants cheese and crackers has to order them, and will be served his or her own pot of cheese and a couple of crackers wrapped in plastic...Sardi’s is charging $3 for a small pot of cheese and a couple of crackers and $5 for a large pot. The cheese pots now come straight out of a refrigerator. There is no time for the cheese to soften as it warms up to something approaching room temperature, as there used to be.
Hard cheese and plastic wrapped crackers for $3? President of Sardi's V. Max Klimavicius has the appropriate response: "It’s just mind-boggling. Nobody’s happy."
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