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Steakhouse Waiters Busted for Credit Card Fraud Ring

NBC reports that over two dozen waiters at high end steakhouses including Smith & Wollensky, Wolfgang Steakhouse, and Capital Grille were recently arrested for credit card fraud and identity theft. According to their report, the waiters would use handheld scanners to copy the credit card information of customers paying for meals with high-limit credit cards like American Express Black cards. They would send the info to their associates who would make fake cards, test them out in cabs, and then use them to buy luxury goods which would later be exchanged for cash.

Sources say the profits totaled over $1 million. Reps at the involved restaurants have yet to comment, but more details are expected to be released by the NYPD today.
· Steakhouse Waiters Busted in Alleged Identity Theft Ring [NBC New York]
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