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Juliet Supper Club To Remain Closed During Investigation

There have still been no arrests made after one man was shot and killed and another sent to the hospital with three separate gunshot wounds during a party this week at Juliet Supper Club, and now we learn that the club will remain closed for the time being. A rep for Juliet tells Eater that the club is "closed while staff are trained on new security measures and the detectives wrap their investigation." Juliet had already implemented strict security measures, including bag checks and pat downs, after a man was stabbed and killed outside the club two months ago, but somehow someone managed to still sneak a gun inside, leading to this week's horrific event. The club expects to open soon though.
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UPDATE: Eater has been informed by a representative from the State Liquor Authority that they have opened an investigation into Juliet. The SLA has the authorityy to revoke the club's liquor license depending upon the outcome of their investigation.

Juliet Supper Club

539 West 21st Street, New York, NY