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Noel Ashman Finalizes Comeback Plans With The Elsinore

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Noel Ashman is finally ready to start releasing information about his new nightclub project that he has been hinting at ever since his previous one went belly up. Ashman, the former owner of the not so memorable Plumm and Veruka, has repeatedly talked about the space as being somewhere downtown, but the Daily News was able to lock down some additional details, learning that it will be called Elsinore (as in the castle from Hamlet) and be located just east of Bowery and south of Houston. The NYDN also says that it will have a heated garden area and should open sometime in December.

A little additional snooping online reveals that Ashman and his partner Amit Zaman have registered the Elsinore trademark to 17 Stanton Street, which is located exactly in the spot that the Daily News piece referenced. Zaman also holds the liquor license for that address. The only issue? Zaman currently operates Stanton Public there, a nondescript LES bar (also with outdoor space) that still seems to be very open. So is Stanton Public about to give way to Ashman's new venture? It sure seems like it.
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The Elsinore

17 Stanton St., New York, NY

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