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Bruce Buschel Plans 'Grandma to Table' Spot in Brooklyn

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Noticing the dramatic loss of seasonal business, Resto blogger Bruce Buschel realizes that he may not be able to keep his Hamptons restaurant Southfork Kitchen open year round and decides the best thing for him to do in the off-season is open a restaurant in Brooklyn. He reasons that a lot of Hamptons restaurants that survive close in the winter months and shuttle their staffs into their second restaurants in the city or in Miami, offering the ownership a new source of income and a way to keep staff engaged year round. So that's what he's doing.

What Buschel envisions: a 45-seat "Grandma to table" restaurant that will be "sustainable, artisanal, organic, eco-friendly, small batch, green, hand-hewn" and located in some Brooklyn neighborhood (he's scouting them out via Google Earth). It won't be a second location of Southfork, but a whole new concept:

It could be just a matter of skewing younger, and multicultural, but Brooklyn seems to enjoy the reimagining of your mother’s best dish or your motherland’s favorite food. Be sure the hearts of palm are from the heart, not a best-selling cookbook.
Why Brooklyn? Because Manhattan is too pricey and the borough is "filthy with foodies, from breakfast to last call, from Sunset Park to Gravesend." Sounds about right. We look forward to the play by play on the Resto-blog.
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[Image via Curbed Hamptons]