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Tracking the Remaining Fall Openings of 2011

Pillar & Plough, opening November 22 by Krieger

2007_09_efp.jpgBack around, oh, Labor Day, all the restaurant world buzzed with the news of all the major 2011 openings. There were foreign chefs galore, three-story MePa monsters, Milk bar expansions, new Chodorow projects, and oh so much more. As is always the case with the fickle fall season, many of the projects managed to get those doors open, and some are still awaiting their big debuts.

Before fall gives way to winter, it's time to take stock of what still needs to open and when the owners project those opening will actually take place.

2011_09_demimonde.jpg1) Financial District: Demi Monde
Who: Death & Co
What: The owners of Death & Co. are opening a new 120 restaurant and bar called Demi Monde in the somewhat desolate dining area of FiDi.
Where: 90 Broad St.
Original Projected Opening: November
Why Locals Should Care: A high end cocktail bar with entrees under $20 in an area with barely enough wine bars to sustain itself? Who wouldn't care?
Current Status: They will be opening just after the New Year
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2011_09_pplough.jpg2) Williamsburg: Pillar & Plough
Who: Hotel Williamsburg
What: The soon to open Hotel Williamsburg will have within its many folds Pillar & Plough, a restaurant serving New York "Neighborhood Food" from Andrés Grundy, a former chef de cuisine at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon.
Where: 160 North 12th St.
Original Projected Opening: October
Why Locals Should Care: The locals will care because if this restaurant is successful, it will bring more (perhaps unwanted) "reverse bridge and tunnel" traffic from Manhattan to their doorsteps. Also, "Magnums of Brooklyn Brew."
Current Status: It is set to open on November 22.
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2011_09_aamons.jpg3) Tribeca: Aamanns/Copenhagen
Who: Adam Aamann-Christensen
What: Aamann-Christensen is importing his Copenhagen cafe that serves smorrebrod (open faced sandwiches) to Tribeca.
Where: 13 Laight St., Tribeca
Original Projected Opening: October
Why Locals Should Care: Danish sandwiches!
Current Status: Opening in December
2011_02_celestino.jpg4) Bed-Stuy: Celestino
Who: Massimiliano Nanni
What: Nanni, the former co-owner of popular Bed-Stuy pizzeria Saraghina, left the restaurant to focus on this new project Celestino, a Mediterranean bistro.
Where: 562 Halsey Street, Bed-Stuy
Original Projected Opening: September
Why Locals Should Care: As Nanni says, "My neighborhood needs everything, but there’s not any place good for oyster or sea bass."
Current Status: Unclear but obviously delayed.
2011_09_maniec.jpg5) Union Square: Corkbuzz
Who: Laura Maniec
What: Sommelier Laura Maniec opens a wine bar with food and a classroom
Where: 13 East 13th St., Union Square
Original Projected Opening: Mid-October
Why Locals Should Care: Because there's no good place to drink around Union Square.
Current Status: Opening later this week
2011_09_pushkin.jpg6) Midtown: Cafe Pushkin
Who: Andrei Dellos
What: A crazy and elaborate Moscow restaurant (known for its celebrity clientele apparently) is opening a giant Midtown flagship over three levels and 7,500 square feet.
Where: 41 West 57th St., Midtown.
Original Projected Opening: December
Why Locals Should Care: Perhaps it's just another weird, giant thing to add to the Midtown dining scene, but it could be a fun place for a business lunch. Either way, a total spectacle.
Current Status: Early 2012
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2011_09_mayass.jpg7) Flatiron: Al Mayass
Who: Rita Alexandrian
What: Al Mayass is a well known Armenian restaurant in Beirut that will be opening just south of Madison Square Park in a $2 million space.
Where: 24 East 21st St., Flatiron District
Original Projected Opening: October
Why Locals Should Care: The area is teaming with upscale restaurants but doesn't offer much in the way of diversity.
Current Status: Delayed; According to their website they are "Opening Soon"
32011_08_bowerydiner.jpg8) The Bowery Diner
Who: Mathieu Palombino
What: Motorino's Mathieu Palombino tries his hand at all-American fare in his retro homage to a diner. Expect formica counter tops, a real griddle for making pancakes, a milkshake list, and an eclectic menu.
Where: 241 Bowery, Lower East Side
Original Projected Opening: End of September
Should You Try It?: The Belgian guy who perfected brussels sprout pie trying American diner classics? Um, yes.
Current Status: We expect a December opening.
2011_06_kutshers1.jpg9) Kutsher's
Who: Jeffrey Chodorow, Zach Kutsher, Mark Spangenthal,
What: Jeffrey Chodorow brings back the Borscht Belt Jewish staples of his youth by reviving old Catskills haunt Kutshers here in downtown Manhattan. Kutshers scion Zach Kutsher will run the show and serve "a contemporary and playful approach to the canon of Jewish cooking."
Where: 186 Franklin St., Tribeca
Original Projected Opening: October
Should You Try It?: If you're a fan of the original Kutsher's or live in Tribeca, sure. Otherwise stick it out and Katz's and file under 'wait and see.'
Current Status: November 21
2011_05_empellonthumb.jpg10) Empellon Cocina
Who: Alex Stupak
What: Alex Stupak takes his Mexican adventure over to the East Village to open a refined version of his new West Village restaurant Empellon. Expect less tacos, more experimentation, and a tasting menu thrown in as a special bonus.
Where: 105 1st Ave., East Village
Original Projected Opening: November
Should You Try It?: Stupak's a talented guy, and there are some serious hits among his misses at the original Empellon. If the price is right here, this will be a tasting menu worth checking out.
Current Status: He's been delayed until after the New Year.
12_12_30_floyd_cardoz.jpg11) North End Grill
Who: Danny Meyer, Floyd Cadoz
What: Danny Meyer's first major foray (that isn't a burger joint or a taco hut) south of the safe confines of Gramercy, North End Grill will be a seafood-centric return to the stoves for chef Floyd Cardoz.
Where: 102 North End Ave., Battery Park City
Original Projected Opening: mid-December
Should You Try It?: Every self respecting food person will have to try it. But going back habitually for anyone who doesn't live or work in BPC is a little more questionable.
Current Status: December
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13 East 13th Street, Manhattan, NY 10003 (646) 873-6071 Visit Website

Empellon Cocina

105 First Avenue, New York, NY 10003 212 780 0909

Kutsher's Tribeca

186 Franklin Street, New York, NY 10013 212 431 0606

North End Grill

104 North End Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10282 (646) 747-1600 Visit Website