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New Rumors Finger Pete Wells as New Times Critic

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For months now, food world insiders (and outsiders) have speculated over the identity of the new New York Times restaurant critic who will eventually replace Sam Sifton. Many guess that it will be the fabulous Brett Anderson of the Times Picayune in New Orleans. Some firmly hope it will be a woman (Flo Fab for the win). Others still wish the wonderful wine-loving interim critic Eric Asimov would settle in and stay awhile.

Whenever guessing games like this take place, dining editor Pete Wells' name gets thrown in the hat as a likely contender, and today Politico hears he is indeed the chosen one. Several anonymous sources at the paper of record tell the blog that he will take the job and that higher ups are already looking for someone to replace him as dining editor.

Questions: Would he want the gig? Is this why he isn't acting as interim critic? Why is his picture still up? And what the heck is Brett Anderson doing in Argentina? Regardless of the outcome, this rumor should strike fear into the hearts of mediocre restaurant owners citywide. Dude knows how to drop some stone cold goose eggs.
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