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After 10 Years, Johnny Iuzzini Gives Notice at Jean Georges

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Michael Laiskonis isn't the only four star pastry chef to leave the restaurant world this fall. In September tattooed Jean Georges pastry chef and Top Chef Just Desserts head judge Johnny Iuzzini gave notice at the restaurant. His last day will be this New Years Eve. May 2012 would have been his 10th year at the restaurant.

Johnny Zs explains that his departure has nothing to do with any problems at Jean Georges; rather, it was just time to move on. He tells Eater, "If you look at the history of the restaurant pastry chef, we can only go so far working in restaurants for other people. You wish for something more for yourself. It's not that it becomes stagnant, but you hit a wall. We don't want to whittle away to nothingness in the basement."

He says he's very proud of his team and what they were able to accomplish and is looking forward to what his replacement Joe Murphy (a veteran of the corporate arm of Jean Georges) can do. As for Iuzzini, he's working on a couple of new books (one a building blocks pastry cookbook, one a children's cookbook), continues his job at Top Chef, and plans on doing everything from studying gelato (this January in Italy) and chocolate to working on new collaborations.
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