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Woodrows to Replace Biddy Early's in Tribeca

The most talked about application of last night's Community Board 1 Tribeca meeting was for 43 Murray Street. In the space that used to be Biddy Early's, an Irish pub known for its beer pong tables, Erin Garmont is opening Woodrows. With the intention to clean up and modernize the space for a more family friendly atmosphere, the space is currently under renovation. Woodrows will be a neighborhood restaurant and pub, specializing in steaks.

A request for a 4 AM closing caused a minor frenzy among the committee and a handful of community residents. According to Garmont and to-be manager, Christopher Hunt, a 4 AM closing would allow Woodrows to cater to late diners and generate more revenue. After a few flat out “no’s” from committee members, a compromise was made to have Sunday-Wednesday closing be 1 am and Thursday-Saturday closing at 2 am. The board unanimously voted to pass the movement.

Other Tribeca News:
Matt Abramcyk, the man behind Tiny’s, Bunker, 77 Warren and the old Beatrice Inn, was present to discuss his new venture, Super Linda Restaurant on 109 West Broadway. Super Linda has enclosed sidewalk seating which has lead to the dispute against when to close the windows due to sound levels. One pesky board member was concerned that 77 Warren had complaints in the past and had been unanimously voted against by the full board. The chair person was quick to step up and support Abramcyk, saying he has always stayed true to his word and that if an applicant is a good neighbor and works with the community board that should be considered in the voting process. The board unanimously agreed to windows closing at 10 PM, and 11 pm on the Broadway side.

The speaker for Sons of Italy graciously asked the board permission to have their block party on Church St. between Canal and Franklin this Saturday November 12. Apparently, due to the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Sons of Italy block party had to find a replacement street in a matter of days. The speaker added that funds from the street fair go to CB1. No surprise here that there was yet another unanimous vote supporting the upcoming block party.
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Super Linda

109 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013


43 Murray St., New York, NY