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Jeffrey's Littleneck Clams, Joseph Leonard's Pork Belly

[Alexis deBoschnek]

Welcome to Day 2 of Eater's first ever Chinese Food Week. There are interviews and guides ahead, but first, take a look at two of the seven special dishes created for this week, courtesy of sister restaurants Jeffrey's Grocery and Joseph Leonard. Eric Tran, a chef at Jeffrey's came up with the dish above, Littleneck Clams in black bean sauce with chinese sausage, baby bok choy and white rice, served at dinner for $20.

And below, Joseph Leonard chef Shuai Wang put together a Szechuan Pork Belly dish with crispy chow mi fun, sugar snap peas, black mushrooms and spicy peanuts, served at dinner for $22. As a bonus, the folks at JG and JL sent over the recipes for any ambitious readers who want to try this stuff at home. Find those and the pork belly slideshow below, and don't forget to try out other participating restaurants Osteria Morini, Dirt Candy, Gramercy Tavern, The Dutch, and Maialino.

[Alexis deBoschnek]

Littleneck Clams in Black Bean Sauce
chinese sausage, baby bok choy and white rice
from: Eric Tran @ Jeffreys Grocery
1 T veg oil
15 clams
1 link Chinese sausage sliced ( a cured pork sausage similar in texture to soprasetta)
2 heads baby bok choy halved ( chinese baby cabbage)
1 T equal parts shallot, garlic, and ginger minced
1/2C rice wine or white wine
1/2C black bean sauce
1 T toasted sesame seeds
1 pinch of chile flakes
1C cooked white rice
2 T thinly sliced scallion

1. In a large sauteé pan add your oil, clams and shallot mixture.
Cook for 1 minute and add white wine and veg stock cover and let simmer untill all the clams start to open.
2. While this is happening heat up the bok choy in a pan with a little vegetable stock just untill tender.
3. Add the black bean sauce and chile flake and stir so that the bean sauce is fully incorporated into the clam liquid.
4.When the clams are all fully open add the Chinese sausage mix twice and place onto bowl or rimmed plate.
5. Add your bok choy and garnish with toasted sesame seeds.
Serve with a simple bowl of white rice topped with the raw scallions.

Szechuan Pork Belly
crispy chow mi fun, sugar snap peas, black mushrooms and spicy peanuts
from: Shuai Wang @ Joseph Leonard
Pork Belly: Marinate in the black bean mixture over night. Put marinated pork belly in a shallow pan covered in vegi stock and then wrapped in foil. Cook at 375 degrees for 3 hours or until tender. Chill pork belly, Put braising liquid in a pot and reduce to a thick consistency, put aside until reheat

-1Lb Piece Pork Belly
-1Cup Fermented Sweet Black Bean Paste
-1/2 Cup Black Rice Vinager
-2T Ma Poo Tofu Sauce
-1T Sugar
-1T Chopped Ginger
-2T Sliced Scallion
-1T Chopped Garlic
-4Cups Chicken Stock

Chow Mi Fun: Soak in hot water till soft
-1Cup Chow Mi Fun

Black Mushrooms: Soak dry mushrooms in warm water for at least 30 minutes, slice them into thick slices. Deep fry them and toss them in salt, pepper, sliced chives, parsley, shallots, and mustard vinagrette.
-1Cup Dry black mushroom

Sugar Snap Peas: Clean both ends of peas and cut them in half diagnolly
-1/2Cup Sugar Snap Peas

Spiced peanuts: Put all ingredients in a warm saute pan on medium heat, cook until peanuts are golden brown
-2Cups Ground peanuts
-9 Bird eye chilies
-1Cup Canola Oil
-1T Sugar
-1T Salt
-1/2T Ground black pepper
-1/2T Ground white pepper
-1T Chopped Shallots

Chili Oil: Slowly simmer all spices in oil for 10 minutes, put aside to chill. Put into blender and blend till smooth
-2Cups Canola oil
-12 Bird eye chilies
-2T Szechuan peppercorns
-1T Black peppercorns
-1T White ppercorns
-1/2T Corriander
-1/2T Sugar
-1T Salt

Slice pork belly thin, season with salt and heat in oven until all the way heated through, spoon glaze over pork belly and slightly caramlize under the brolier. Take the chow mi fun and deep fry them until crispy golden brown, at the same time saute the black mushrooms and sugarsnaps peas together, deglaze with 2T cider vinager, 1T Balsamic Vinager, and 1T sriracha chili sauce. In a large bowl lay crispy noodles, top with the black mushroom and sugar snap pea mixture. Lay pork belly across the noodles and garnish with chili oil and spiced peanuts

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