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Subway Inn Is Open For Business After Renovations

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New York got a scare last week when it appeared that the Subway Inn had closed for good. But everyone can breathe a sigh of relief because the Subway Inn is once again open for business after five days of renovations. The bar's management updated their Facebook page last night proclaiming the happy news, and a Subway Inn representative tells Eater that, "we had got the bar table revarnished as well as the floors stripped and cleaned. Door added to the men's restroom and wifi installed. The bigger changes were in the basement," continuing that the work is "not a major renovation per say, but a renovation nonetheless that took 5 days worth."

The management says the reason they now serve Atomic Wings is because "we listened to the customers. Since we don't have a kitchen, the customers were asking all the time if they could have Atomic Wings delivered. So, we spoke with them and made the arrangement. Now we have them delivered straight to the customer. We get faster delivery :)."

There you have it. A new and improved Subway Inn with the best Atomic Wing delivery in the city.
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Subway Inn

143 E. 60th St., New York, NY