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New York's 10 Best Worst New Restaurant Websites

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10) The Counter: Do you like beer, big ass salads, and Bachman Turner Overdrive? This might be your new favorite restaurant.
9) Co-Op Food & Drink: Hopefully, all those celebrities were paid good money to show up at Co-Op Food & Drink that one night.
8) Forcella: Take a virtual trip to old Napoli, with music provided by an 8-bit Nintendo.
7) Desmond's: Use the arrow keys to make the taxi cab drive backwards and forwards through futuristic Manhattan. It's like The 5th Element, if it was a website for a clubby Upper East Side restaurant.
6) DUO: A restaurant website that conjures a specific time and place: South Beach, 1996.
5) The Guilty Goose: The geese are flying in formation, which is great. But when you click on them, they all fly away, which is sad.

4) Isa: It's not a website. It's a state of mind.
3) CrossBar: It's nice to see that the nerds that created Magic: The Gathering are still getting some work these days. Best of all: this photo of wise Sir English.
2) Marble Lane: It takes forever to load, but the "aura borealis on a wood floor effect" is really something.
1) Cocoron: So many awesome extras on this site. First of all, there's the groovy Cocoron theme song. Then, of course, a Cocoron coloring book. And, to top it all off, a visual guide to the Cocoron cartoon characters, including: the fat pig policeman, the rock and roll udon noodle, the two bald sesame seed people and their little sesame seed baby, the shriveled up old tofu woman, and many, many others.
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