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The New York Dining and Nightlife Crossword Puzzle

4) Ambitious new Korean restaurant
6) Nautically-themed Williamsburg sandwich shop
7) New York's first 'Neurogastronomy' restaurant
10) Chodorow's food hall
12) Alex Guarnaschelli's MePa supper club
13) East Village pork sandwich shop
14) Steve Hanson's newest, opening next week

1) Jonathan Benno's one year old fine dining restaurant
2) The specialty at Keens
3) Jonathan Waxman's West Village bistro
5) Smith Street's favorite Southern bar and restaurant
8) A small Australian pie chain
9) Anita Lo's shuttered barbecue joint
11) John Fraser's UWS restaurant

Check back tomorrow evening, when we'll post the answers.

Update: Here are the answers

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