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BaoBQ, Insomnia Cookies, Prandial, More Coming Soon

Cooper Craft & Kitchen, coming to 2nd Ave.
Cooper Craft & Kitchen, coming to 2nd Ave.

1) East Village: An Eater operative sends in the above photos of Cooper Craft and Kitchen, the new restaurant opening in the old Kurve space. It recently lost its plywood shed, revealing a new exterior and interior. [POST-PLYWOOD]

2) Murray Hill: According to a tipster, a new location of Insomnia Cookies is opening in Murray Hill on 3rd Avenue and 33rd St. [PLYWOOD]
3) Chelsea: A new restaurant, Prandial, is slated to open in the space where Sean Combs' soul-food restaurant, Justin’s, formerly resided. The 31 West 21st Street location has been vacant since 2007, but a deal was struck with the owner, Mark Stern, to turn it into a 135-seat luxury restaurant. This two story restaurant will feature an old world style bar and lounge and dining room on the first floor, and a private dining room on the second floor. According to Grub Street, they are hoping to open in January. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

4) East Village: A reader sends in a photo of BaoBQ, the latest restaurant from chef Michel Huynh that will open eventually on 229 1st Ave. [PLYWOOD]

5) Midtown East: Zagat gets the lowdown and a picture of The Smith at its new Midtown East location. Apparently, they spoke with a manager who said they will be opening next week and that this location resembles the original. [PLYWOOD]


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