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Stuzzicheria Launches Brunch; Acqua Penned In

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FIDI— Says the tipster who sent in the above photo: "Major below-street infrastructure upgrades down on Good Ol' Peck Slip have really penned in the rather decent restaurant Acqua as of earlier this week." [EaterWire]

TRIBECA—Tomorrow Stuzzicheria will kick off a new brunch program that will run every weekend from noon to 4 PM. They will be bringing the menu from their sister restaurant Pane Panelle in addition to brunch options, because people have been asking for sandwiches. [EaterWire]

SEATTLE— Promotional stunt masters/Dan Browns of the restaurant world Mark and Brian Canlis sent Seattle restaurant fans on a hunt for special #Canlis4Free keys throughout the city. The prize has been revealed: key holders get a reservation at a free swanky special dinner at their gamemasters' restaurant, Canlis. Oh, and there are still five keys left. [Eater Seattle]

ALTON BROWNAlton Brown gives PaperMag a short but soundbite-filled interview. In it, he talks about his "Fanifesto," the tendency to idolize chefs and the food they make while ignoring farmers and purveyors, Michael Pollan, and the general lack of nutritional awareness in the United States: "Only 3 percent of the produce we eat is actually purple, which is one of the most valuable nutritional colors that you can get into you". [Paper via Eater National]


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