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Sixpoint Sends Drinking Water to Occupy Wall Street

Sixpoint Craft Ales founder Shane Welch and his team at the brewery want to do what they can for the Occupy Wall Street protestors. So they're filling cleaned out kegs with drinking water and sending it down to the hippie troops camped out at Zuccotti Park. The brewery's Facebook page shares the word and links to a statement from Welch: thing we will be doing though is helping out the cause by sending in some kegs to the protesters. Haha, send in beer you say? No, those kegs have been washed and filled with clean drinking water by our brewers for the assembly gathered down there. Its our way of lending support to provide the basic necessities, a little something special from the boys in Brooklyn. We figured fresh water on tap is a lot better than thousands of plastic bottles. And once the kegs are returned to the brewery, we can simply clean them and fill them right back up. Its a zero-waste solution while providing a service.

As a brewery, some people believe our role should be confined to making beer.

When I look at our brewery, I don’t see a collection of tanks, kegs and equipment. I see an innate capacity for greatness, put in motion by human potential.

Click here to read the whole statement.
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Zuccotti Park

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