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10 New York Restaurant Missed Connections

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Although the dining rooms of the city are filled with many happy couples, they are also inhabited by lovesick diners looking to catch the eye of that special someone. Sometimes, these people take to Craigslist to try and find that guy or girl who they saw from across the dining room, but weren’t able to muster the courage to say something to. Here now are a few restaurant missed connections — perhaps love is on the menu for these lonely people sometime soon.

2011_chipotle_lovers1.jpg10) FAST CASUAL FLINGhead phones, book, Chipotle this evening - w4m - 28: Around 7pm tonight, Chipotle on Montague St. : You sat at a high top table with big headphones and read a book. I sat a few feet away at the "bar" behind the drinks. We made eye contact several times. Would love to know what you were listening to and what you were reading.

2011_zorro_little_owl1.jpg9) COURTSHIP AT CAMPANARO'Slittle owl dark and delicious - m4w: Wanted to let you know how how sexy you come across. Are you aware of your impact? I didn't catch your name but you seemed so cool and confident and deliciously hot...tall and lean..perfect body. Cute dark chopped hair and the coolest clogish shoes. You were killing it in you own subtle way. I completely enjoyed watching and drinking you in as i had brunch sunday. Thank you and keep it going..

2011_penguins_in_love1.jpg8) A THRILL AT THE GRILLLunch at Ted's Montana Grill - m4w - 36: Lunch on Wednesday at Ted's Montana Grill. You were sitting in a booth and i couldn't stop looking at you....We made eye contact a few times but I was at a business lunch and you were meeting someone. I am sure you were wondering why was this guy starring at me?? Well, you were absolutely gorgeous, and i would love to grab a drink with you. Hopefully you are checking this out for some random reason........I know exactly what you were wearing and what you ate. Tell me......

2011_bouchon_missed1.jpg 7) FRENCH KISSAt Bouchon Bakery; you were reading a book - w4m - 20: My friend and I were chatting a bit too loudly, and I felt bad because you were reading your book at the next table over. You walked up to me as you were leaving to ask me about my name. Apparently I share the same name as your ex-girlfriend, which I really didn't expect to hear, since it's not common. I assume that meant you're single, perhaps? In any case, I wish I got your name too.

2011_love_meatballs1.jpg 6) PARMESAN PARAMOURSMeatball Shop - m4w: You waved me over and told me you thought I was cute. We talked for a minute or two and then i went back to my seat. When you left i said it was nice meeting you, but didn't make any attempt to see you again. Your name is Rachel. See ya round?

2011_brother_jimmys_missed1.jpg5) HICKORY-SMOKED INTRIGUESmiled at you at Brother Jimmy's - w4m: Was standing at the bar tonight at Brother Jimmy's on the UES w two other girls. Smiled at you and you smiled back, but I was too shy to start up a convo. You were drinking PBRs and watching the game. Would love a chance to actually chat.

2011_white_castle_missed_connection1.jpg4) NIGHTS IN WHITE CASTLEAbby in white castle in the Bronx - m4w - 25: We were at white castle in the Bronx by Einstein medical school. You were wearing a black skirt with white heels u had your tongue pierced. You blew me kisses I thought you were insanely hot. I wanna make babies with you. I was the guy with the red shirt and gray converse if by any chance you see this I would love to take you out anywhere you'd like.

2011_cipriani_wall_Street1.jpg 3) GREED IS....LOVE? girl w/ black&leopard dress at Cipriani tonight - m4w - 25: Your friend with the red was all over the place but you have a cuter smile with your black and leopard dress. First time at this job so I kept it professional. Wish I came over to talk to you.. If you get this message, I will definitely say more than Hi. Get home safe.

2011_highlands_missed_connections1.jpg2) TAKING A SHOT AT ROMANCEGorgeous brunette at Highlands with b-day - m4w - 43: You were having dinner in the back and left before I could ask you out. You are beyond stunning. Your friends at the bar are pretty awesome too. Even if you did none of the shots on us. Brunch tomorrow?

2011_benjamin_steakhouse1.jpg1) GRADE "A" FLIRTBenjamin Steakhouse,Sunday, Oct 1 for a party - m4w - 40: I was a chef at Benjamin Steakhouse cooking Porterhouse bites and creamy spinach brunch and so many hottie girl want to know my name, but I was in the middle of cooking. Didn't have time to give out my business card. So if you are reading this article. Send me your pixs& phone# asap to say "Hi".

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