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Chumley's Is Not a Despair-Inducing Hole in the Ground

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Lost City

No, the old Chumley's building hasn't made a whole heck of a lot of progress since August. But Lost City is encouraged by how the place is looking these days. The historic bar, which closed four years ago when the building faced structural issues and then had to be torn down piece by piece, has been scheduled to reopen again and again as delays marred the progress of the building. Now it is set to reopen well into 2012. Writes the as always upbeat Lost City: "It still won't be Chumley's, even if they stuff the joint full with the original booths and pictures and bric-a-brac that used to make up the interior of the original bar. It will be a fake. But it will no longer be a complete failure, a despair-inducing hole in the ground."
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86 Bedford St., New York, nY

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