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Steve Hanson Previews His Big Box Behemoth Kibo

Last night evil genius Steve Hanson hosted a big, loud blow out party to celebrate the arrival of his latest money maker Kibo. The restaurant is The Full Hanson's first Japanese project and it lives in the home of former big box Asian restaurant Japonais. Not too much has changed since the predecessor's departure, but Kibo features a large sushi bar against its western wall, a glassed in box containing a robata grill and two grill cooks in the center of the space, two large bars, one on each of the two levels, and a DJ booth. There's also a wish wall (see above), a huge Japanese mural, a large communal table, and a plenty of decorative ceramics.
As anyone who's been to Japonais knows, this space holds a lot of bodies, and Hanson hopes to attract them with food influenced by master French chef Joel Robuchon, who was there last night and who is the main consultant on the menu. His menu (passed around by some hot, barely-dressed young things) includes everything from sushi and sashimi to skewers from the grill, udon, fried rice, and mochi and pannacotta for dessert.

Kibo opens to the public on Tuesday.
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118 E 18th Street, New York, NY 10003 212 824 2770