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SmorgasBrewery Coming This Winter; A Pig Delivery

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A special Bored to Death-themed sign outside of Waverly Inn

WILLIAMSBURG— On Sunday, December 4, the Brooklyn Flea and Brooklyn Brewery will launch SmorgasBrewery, a mini version of the Saturday food fest Smorgasburg. A rotating cast of five Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg food vendors will set up shop in the Brewery's Tasting Room on North 11th St. from noon - 5 PM. The partnership should run until March 2012.

CHINATOWN—Here is a video of a truck filled with dead pigs making its morning deliveries in Chinatown. [EaterWire]

WILLIAMSBURG— Public Assembly will host a giant fundraiser for the New York City Coalition Against Hunger. There will be a hummus cook-off, rock-n-roll karaoke, and a raffle with thousands of dollars in prizes from local artists and businesses. Raffle tickets can be purchased in advance here or at the event. [EaterWire]