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Daniel Patterson, Dale DeGroff Consult on Microfinanced Tribeca Restaurant

A couple of restaurant designers are planning a microfinanced, crowd-sourced restaurant in Tribeca with a food program overseen by Daniel Patterson, one of San Francisco's best known high end chefs. Called Elevens, the restaurant's plan sounds like a Kickstartr campaign on overdrive. The couple plans to enlist 2,000 "seatholders" that will all contribute $500 in exchange for special privileges at the restaurant, including a 25 percent discount (for life or until the restaurant goes belly up), the ability to vote on certain decisions, priority reservations, and access to an annual off site event. Patterson, of Coi, Plum, and others, will train and work with the restaurant's chefs and will visit for special events, meanwhile cocktail expert Dale DeGroff is on board as the beverage consultant.

As for the design and vibe, the owners say they were inspired by the temperance movement and what came out of it (i.e. Prohibition) and the theme is “New Victorian, but not fancy, civilized yet playful...What if Iggy Pop designed the Oak Room?...We seem to have the most fun in dark, black spaces?."

They says that if all goes well, they'll open locations in other cities, starting with San Francisco. See a sample menu here, and sign up to be a seatholder here. It will open next year.
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58 Lispenard St., New York, NY