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Platt Deems $245-a-Head Romera 'Ambitiously Flawed'

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Adam Platt is the first pro critic to weigh in on the uber expensive wildly pretentious new hotel basement restaurant Romera. He awards it just one star. Platt doesn't really slam any one dish, though he doesn't call anything delicious either (save the end of meal chocolates). His main critique seems to center on the silliness of the room, the waters, the decor, and that massive $245 a head base price tag:

In a town overrun by fashionable speakeasies and upscale burger joints, this kind of abstruse, European, performance-art cooking can have its charms, of course. When I returned, alone, for a second dinner at Romera, I actually found myself sniffing at the different varieties of herbal bong water and enjoying the clinically soothing, almost spalike peacefulness of the room...the two desserts on the menu of this ambitiously flawed, strangely misconceived restaurant...are, like much of the food here, more pleasant to look at than to eat.
We anxiously await to see if The Cuozz, Sutton, and the future Times critic strike the same tone.
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